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Ciongoli Koepfinger


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Ciongoli Koepfinger

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Coni Ciongoli-Koepfinger believes that creative energy is never lost… it just changes hands, hearts and minds.

Coni is the Associate Director and Playwright-in- Residence of The Spiral Theatre Studio in New York City.


She holds an MA in Literary and Cultural Theory from Carnegie Mellon University and a BA in Theatre Arts/ Playwriting from the Pennsylvania State University.

Currently developing SCHOOLHOUSE a new musical with creative partner Joe Izen - Koepfinger explores school violence and the crumbling of education in America. Coni has taught drama, composition and literature courses at several colleges-Point Park, Carlow, University of Pittsburgh, Penn State, Carnegie Mellon and Duquesne University.

Her recently published, CANDLEDANCING was originally produced in 1999 with British composer, Robert Hugill. Following that collaboration, their operetta, Garrett got raves in Opera News in 2001 for its performance at Hoxton Hall, London. A Post-Gazette review of her play SIDESHOW compared her thematic style to Twilight Zone’s master, Rod Serling. As the director of the play reading series Sunday Night Live, she was one of the named one of “Ones to Watch” in Pittsburgh Magazine Excellence in the Arts Awards.

Although, Koepfinger resides in woods of Pennsylvania, most of her avant-garde work follows her creative spirit, which thrives New York City. Other productions include Coffeehouse Magik at Brooklyn’s Museum of Sound Recording, and Garrett, the Blue Giraffe at the Bay Area Festival in Sonoma. Her children’s plays, Jack and the Talkback Beanstalk and Rudolph’s Big Secret were named the most produced by its publisher Dramasource. Her piece "The Guardian" won acceptance into the 2009 Mother Daughter Monologues by ICWP where she has served on the Board for several years.

Current projects include the development of programming at The Spiral StudioTheatre including our "Salt and Pepper Series" that seeks to eliminate agism in the arts; an upcoming woman's series that will promote visibility and sustained ideals for women worldwide and a new musical called SINGULARITY.

Up and coming - Koepfinger's SIDESHOW at Manhattan Repertory Theatre and continues collaboration with Mara Mills on TURBULENCE a play that probes artist's anxiety and suicidal depression.
Representative Play Titles
SINGULARITY; Coffehouse Magik; Sleeping with Destiny; Saints in Revolt; Garrett, the Blue Giraffe; The Red Room; The Shadow Dancer; All Good Dreamers;Candledancing: The Voice of Julian of Norwich

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