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Created on: 04 Apr 2010
Photos and poster art from STREET STORIES by Paula Cizmar. Produced at Playwrights Arena @ Los Angeles Theatre Center; directed by Jon Rivera. Cast: Melody Butiu as Monica; Garrett Swann as Bayla; Joshua Wolf Coleman as Don; DG Bannon as Motionless Man; Kevin Vavasseur as Admir; Justin Huen as Eddie; Alicia Wollerton as Elise. Scenic design: John Binkley. Sound design: Bob Blackburn. Photos by John Binkley. Copyright 2006.
  • Admir (Kevin Vavasseur) tends to Monica (Melody Butiu) as Bayla (Garrett Swann) kibitzes in the Playwrights Arena@LATC production of STREET STORIES.

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