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Mercedes Cohen always treasures tales where the future turns on a moment. A background in literature and writing comes from a bachelor’s degree in English from San Francisco State and a M.F.A. in professional writing from the University of Southern California. She has written plays, novels and screenplays. Giovanni is Here was created after visiting Rome and is based on real historical events and people. This play won the Ross Players, Ross Alternative Works competition in 2014. (Ross, Marin County, California). Fairies of the Moonlight lives in the world of complete fantasy. It has had two successful high school productions. Making costumes and props for the Actors Ensemble of Berkeley also occupies time. Through reading and evaluating new plays as a member of the Ross Alternative Works selection committee, provides insight into current trends in theater.
Despite growing up in a seemingly middle class environment, the behind the scenes actions of the family included epic fights, and flights from hit men. Living the “American dream” to rise to great wealth and then the slide back into creditors and repossession gave a wide range of experiences. Being bilingual was growing up with two conflicting sets of mores and standards. Many of the characters in the plays are based on the personalities of the family and friends.
Presently, being retired after 27 years of teaching high school, there’s finally time to dedicate to the characters and plots that have been imagined for years. As an avid theater attendee, a wide range of plays from A.C.T. and Berkeley Rep to smaller bay area theaters like the Marsh and Shotgun have been seen and reviewed. The plays that have been written have been revised and improved. Future productions are open to workshop situations and of course, full productions.
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Nonna and the Dressmaker, Fairies of the Moonlight

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