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I'm a former elementary education teacher who became a children's storyteller ("Lady Amuck") for several years.
I entertained in six states as well as in England and in Singapore (Raffles Hotel at a Leukemia Benefit
for Children).

I've written three children's books..."Hannah Savannah Finds the Missing Key," "Bully for Hannah Savannah!," and Hannah Savannah's Favorite Tales."

At present, I'm continuing my quest with playwriting, which is my lifeline!
My dark comedy, "Going to the Dogs," was presented as a 'reading' here in Asbury Park, NJ as part of The Provincetown Fringe Theatre Arts Festival, as was my silly short "EX Marks the Spot!"
I continue work on several other plays...many are in rewrite at the moment.

A member of 'The Blue Man Group' has just finished a collaboration with me on a country-western tune: "Bobbing for Apples in a Tub of Moonshine" (my lyrics to his tune.)

I'm married to a super man and we have raised three terrific sons.

Life is good and I am blessed.

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