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Great Plains Theatre Conference (4)

Created on: 05 Jun 2013
In May, 2013, I was grateful to attend the Great Plains Theatre Conference in Omaha, Nebraska, where my play "Daughter" received a public reading and was given feedback by many theater professionals. One of the people that I met there was ICWP member and director, Roxanne Wach, who was incredibly generous with her time, attention and spirit. Here is a peek at some of the wonderful things from the conference.
  • PlayLab playwrights: Elana Gartner, Adam Douglas, Mark Costello, Crystal Jackson and Jack Karp.
  • PlayLab playwrights got shuttled to and from the campus every day on a school bus
  • ICWP'ers Roxanne Wach and Elana Gartner
  • Elana Gartner with Teri Fender, one of the actors in "Daughter"

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