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Dramatists Guild Conference-Chicago, IL (9)

Created on: 29 Aug 2013
500 attendees, tons of workshops and speakers, 2 brown bag breakfasts for ICWP members and non-members, a networking event with Chicago theater companies and a whole lot of meeting ICWP members face to face for the first time! So much learning!
  • Executive Director of the Dramatists Guild, Gary Garrison, welcoming everyone to the conference.
  • L-R: Member E.M. Lewis, non-member Eileen O'Leary with members Karen Kinch and Geralyn Horton at the Friday morning ICWP Brown Bag breakfast.
  • Amy Merrill (non-member) with ICWP members: Patricia Milton, Aoise Stratford and Donna Hoke at the Friday morning ICWP Brown Bag breakfast.
  • L-R: Board member Geralyn Horton with member Sheila Rinear, non-member Joanna Castle Miller, members Faye Sholiton, Patricia Connelly, Marj O'Neill-Butler and non-member Judith Zivanovic at the Friday
  • Non-members Debbie Bolsko and Rosemary Zibart with members Sandra Hosking and Carol Lashof, non-member Kristin Carlson and member June Guralnick at the ICWP Brown Bag Breakfast.
  • Mostly members:(L-R) Sophia Romma, Rosemary Zibart (non-member), Aoise Stratford, Elana Gartner, Patricia Milton, June Guralnick, Patricia Connelly, Donna Hoke, Sandra Hosking, Karen Kinch
  • Theresa Rebeck and Charlayne Woodard at the workshop "Creating Character"
  • Rebecca Gilman and Carol Hall at the workshop "Creating Character"
  • A conversation with David Ives (left)

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