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Board E-mail Policy

This is the policy regarding the conduct of the ICWP Board of Directors, adopted in a Special Meeting Feb 3-10, 2009.

a) Board responsibilities in sending emails directly to members:
1. Board members should not send messages that do not reflect ICWP policies
2. Board members should not send private advice unsolicited
3. If there is any doubt about an ICWP policy, then the Board must be consulted.
4. A Board member gives up the right of confidentiality of communications with members.
5. If there is any doubt in the mind of the Board member as to the appropriateness of a message to be sent to a member, then a second opinion should be sought from another Board member before it is sent.
6. Subject to all of the points 1-5 above, if any board member wishes to send and receive personal e-mail in their board role to conduct business, they may do so, but, they are not obligated to.
b) Board members have no obligation to read the messages on the List, so List members must not assume that their messages are noticed by the Board. Messages posted to the ICWP list do not constitute communication with the Board.  If a member wants an issue to be fully considered by the Board of Trustees, they must send it via an email to the entire board.

Response may take up to two weeks. Official board responses will be sent from a person duly designated by the board to do so.
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For general questions contact: Margaret McSeveney

For the Board of Directors,  contact Pat Morin, President

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