A new monologue book, and two plays published Spring '09

15 Nov 2008 6:17 PM | Deleted user

"Namely Me", a book of original monologues based on the REAL meaning of a person's name, will be published by Smith and Kraus in the spring of '09. This is the first book in a series contracted by Smith and Kraus for Maureen Brady Johnson.

"The Fourth Locker", a play that begins with an end of the year locker clean-out and ends with a confrontation that deals with sexual abuse, will be published by Brooklyn Publishers, Spring '09.

"Moving On", a collection of short plays about women moving on with their lives, is set to be published in Spring '09 by Baker's Plays.

None of this would have happened without the unending support of my friends at ICWP. Thanks to all of you!


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