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Adrienne Dawes writes
ICWP funding supported a 4-day virtual workshop of my new play “DUPE” which culminated in a public sharing on May 16, 2021 at 2:30pm CT.
I got to work with some of my favorite collaborators from previous projects that had all never met before, so the project was both a mini-reunion and inaugural collaborations for all the actors and director.  We had a stage manager for only 2 rehearsals so the rest of the workshop I split those duties with my director. .

CONNECTING on the Email List

Dori Appel   USA -

"I can't tell you what this list has meant to me. When I consider the practical things I've learned here- from how best to bind a script to dealing with difficult directors and negotiating a contract- plus the always-available sharing of wisdom, humor, and support. "

 Shirley King  USA - 

"I want to thank all those lovely people who take the time to share opps.(opportunities) Every play of mine that has ever been produced or done as a reading got that chance because I found the opp on this list.

Thank you!! "

Ronni Sanlo, USA

" Joining ICWP was such a good decision for me. It’s an honor to be in the company of other women playwrights.

Through the stories and even the OPP postings, I am motivated to submit my work. I’ve been lucky to have had several productions of my play Dear Anita Bryant which is a one-act readers’ theater play based on a letter I wrote to anti-gay activist Anita Bryant 35 years after I lost custody of my two children because I am a lesbian.

My first play Sing Meadowlark has also been produced, and my third play The Soldier and the Time Traveler is ready for table reads.

I credit ICWP sisters with giving me the confidence in allowing all of this to happen."

Dr. Rachana Pandey:

Department of English, Vasanta College for Women

" I am thankful to the ICWP group for helping me to connect with Ms Julia Pascal ((member of ICWP) and Henriette Rietveld  in the UK when I was absolutely a stranger in London as CWIT Visiting Fellow from India in 2017.

They helped me to understand British theatre and establish a network among theatre practitioners. The best thing about the ICWP network is that they respond immediately and are friendly by nature.

ICWP builds confidence in you especially when you are a beginner in the field of theatre.

I wrote a One-Act Play being motivated by ICWP group conversations. Also, the network has an informal and a very nice culture of introducing a new member in the group which I have never seen before. All the members share a unique bond with each other across the socio-cultural and geographical borders. 


ICWP Member Tammy Ryan discusses her play "Lost Boy Found in Whole Foods" about refugees from Sudan.

Stephanie Rae - USA 

I joined ICWP five years ago as I wrote my first play while nursing and raising my two young children. .... I was, and continue to be, a lone writer, with only my dramatic associations to guide me.

Important things I have learned, among other things on this site, are: how women playwrights are still vastly underrepresented in theater, how others submit, how plays are produced, submission etiquette, the distinction b/w a guild and a union, what my rights are as a writer, and most importantly, that a group of people dedicated to one purpose is an invaluable resource to a woman writing alone.   

Extracts from ERNESTO BY ICWP Member Monica Raymond

Judith Pratt ( Ithaca, USA) - Script Feedback Group

I live in a small academic town and don't make it to 'The City," as people in New York State call NYC, very often. So the Script Feedback Group is a great way for me to connect with playwrights from around the country and around the world. Reading other people's plays, and coming up with thoughtful, written comments, is a terrific way to learn more about our craft.  I also like getting feedback on my full-length plays. My local playwrights group is only set up to deal with short stuff--30 minutes tops, usually more like 10. 

Thanks, Script Feedbackers! ( Script Feedback Group)


For 5 years Alan Woods, Professor of Theatre Studies at Ohio State University organised week-long retreats at the university, for ICWP members. ICWP provided small grants to assist people to attend.

Read Members' impressions below...

What a gift the ICWP retreats were! I loved arriving at the Ohio State University, meeting Alan Woods for the first time and meeting several ICWP playwrights in person.

The atmosphere was inspiring -- a huge college campus where I could wander and think and then write in my room or at the library. I wrote a lot. I felt so connected to others from all the various places we lived who were also part of the retreat.

What fun at the end when Alan and his lovely artist wife, Ann Alaia Woods, invited all of us for a final gathering at their home where we savored incredible corn-on-the-cob roasted on a grill outside and then smothered in butter.

Nancy Gall-Clayton 

Farzana Datta ( Ohio, USA) - 
"... My earliest memories with ICWP are at Ohio State University in Columbus OH with our kind host Alan Woods. At the end of our week long retreat he would host a corn roast and dinner at his house, giving opportunity to all playwrights to enjoy his Walhalla Creek and great conversation."



Review Quote:

" As an acting teacher, I am constantly challenged to find material that is appropriate for my individual students, as well as being challenging & engaging.

My students' work really takes a leap when I am able to off them choices that speak to them. so when I saw this new collection pop up, I had to check it out. It's terrific - the scenes are just the right length, there's an incredible variety of character types, and the writers are wonderfully unafraid. .........."

Long-time Member and Past President, Paddy Gillard Bentley, Gi60 US 2016 - one minute play - Venus Square Mars


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