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Scripts and Scenes

ICWP publishes anthologies of scripts for plays, monologues from plays and script extracts by members and non-members.  Please purchase these materials to support women writers through the following links:

Scenes from a Diverse World

A 600+page international collection of 73 scenes from plays about diversity - stories of under-represented cultural minorities. Extracts for two or three characters.

Authored by female playwrights from many countries including Australia,Canada, Croatia, India, Italy, Indonesia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Sweden,UK and USA. 

Offering college drama teachers, educators and students a rich source of scripts on less usual topics that will challenge and delight

Amazon Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

Stageworthy works!

As a cast member of the original production of "Blindspots" I was delighted to see a scene from Colette Freedman's play included in this collection. Every night this scene got alot of laughs- so actors can be confident this is a strong choice for scenework.

great collection

Packed full of characters, scenes, roles, and genres for all ages. Playwrights from around the world are represented. A great resource for actors, teachers, and playwrights who want to expand their vision.

Great material for Actors!

Format: Paperback

As an acting teacher, I am constantly challenged to find material that is appropriate for my individual students, as well as being challenging & engaging. My students' work really takes a leap when I am able to off them choices that speak to them. so when I saw this new collection pop up, I had to check it out. It's terrific - the scenes are just the right length, there's an incredible variety of character types, and the writers are wonderfully unafraid. I loved "Trucker Rhapsody" (especially in light of recent events)& "The Last of the Kentucky Glenrow Paper Dolls." Jen Maisel's scene "Mad Love" is terrific for younger actors. And it looks like I'm not the first to mention "Blind Spots" by Colette Freedman, probably because this scene literally jumps off the page. The characters sparkle and the banter is laugh-out-loud funny while being deeply melancholic at the same time. If you want to challenge your comediennes, this is the scene to give them!


Mother/Daughter Monologues

A series of four age-related monologues on the theme of mothers and daughtersfrom international female playwrights. 

These monologues explore experiences of childhood, gender expectations, leaving home, sexual orientation, caring roles, love, joy, resentment, heartbreak, hope, life and death. 

The struggle to break away from cultural norms is a common theme providing ample material for actors to explore and perform. More

Proceeds go back to ICWP to support future publishing efforts.

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“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
Maya Angelou

ICWP Is a 501- c - 3 Non Profit  Organization, incorporated in the State of Ohio, USA

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