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Monologues from the International Centre for Women Playwrights


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At a time when the economic reality of writing for the American theatre is perhaps more discouraging than at any time in memory, playwrights and those interested in the development of new plays desperately need such a place.

The monologues herein have been selected to reflect the variety of our experiences and the unique excellence of our members" writing.

We hope that the pieces collected here will inspire you to perform them, to try your own hand at writing for the stage, or perhaps to join us where we gather every day in our stimulating, nurturing space.

- Ellen Margolis, International Centre for Women Playwrights, July 2008


Included in this collection:

"Varya Takes a Chance" by Claire Ince
"Tracy" from Creche by Monica Raymond
"Waah" by Judith Pratt
"A Transaction of Great Magnitude" by Evie Jones
"Mandy" from What to Throw Out by Kathleen Warnock
"Redemption Song" by Carol Schlanger
"Ermine" from Six That Fell by Laura Henry
"Dating Elvis" by Shirley King
"Legacy" by Sandra Dempsey
"Clarice" from Clary"s Exodus by Rachel Rubin Ladutke
"Marilyn" by Margaret McSeveney
"Lucy" from The Goddess Speaks by Suzanne d"Corsey
"Ruthy" from Surgery by Karin Diann Williams
"I Don"t Care If You"re a Nerd" from Modern Life by Kari Ann Owen
"Wonder Woman" from Pop Culture Princess by Elizabeth Whitney
"A Poet Couldn"t Write About It" from Lola and the Planet of Glorious Diversity by Robin Rice Lichtig
"Beth" from Mother, Tree, Cat by Dori Appel
"Switchblade" from The McCorkle Toe by Sandra de Helen
"The End of My Life as a Back Porch Beautician" by Nancy Gall-Clayton
"Transformation Scene" by Jo J. Adamson

"Ojos del Cielo" by Tami Canaday
"Claude" from Clary"s Exodus by Rachel Rubin Ladutke
"Eddie" from In Full Flower by Margaret McSeveney
"Kreskin Be Damned" by Jamie Pachino
"Jack" from Surgery by Karin Diann Williams
"Style" by Linda Eisenstein
"Peter" from I"d Know You Anywhere by Dori Appel
"Ravens" by Vicki Caroline Cheatwood
"Bethune" from China 1938 by Diane Forrest
"Not Letting Myself Die" by Nancy Gall Clayton

"M.L." from Around the Horn by Kathleen Warnock
"Temporary" from True Story by Allison Williams
"Flight Attendant" from True Story by Allison Williams

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