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We are delighted to announce the 2022-2023 International Centre for Women Playwrights Development Fund Grantees! This year's grantees represent a diverse and talented group of women playwrights from around the globe. Click here to learn more.

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We hear excerpts from Deena’s first play “Triple Bypass” and discuss her upcoming second play “The Canonized Club.”  Deena talks to Jenni Munday from Charles Sturt University in Australia. We discussed what inspires her writing it and how she got into playwriting.  Deena lives in South Dakota, USA and is the Founder/Creative Director of Hardly Working Promotions, LLC.

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Our longstanding email discussion list is a supportive network for women playwrights from around the world.



ICWP publishes anthologies of plays, monologues, and scenes by members and non-members. 

The volume "Scenes From A Diverse World " offers college drama teachers, educators and students a rich source of scripts on unusual topics that will challenge and delight.

The volume is a 600+ page international collection of 73 scenes from plays about diversity – stories of under-represented cultural minorities.

It contains extracts for two or three characters, authored by female playwrights from many countries including Australia, Canada, Croatia, India, Italy, Indonesia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Sweden, UK and USA.

50/50 Applause Award

From 2012 - 2018 ICWP honoured theatres around the world who used their budgets fairly to represent the work of female playwrights on their stages at least 50% of the time.

The 62 recipients of the 2018 awards are found throughout Australia, Canada, Finland, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, United States, and Wales.

View the 50/50 Applause Awards 2018 videowhich showcases photos from over twenty theaters and production photos from a selection of their female authored plays.

Please see this statement about the 2019 Awards

Script Search

ICWP maintains a searchable database of scripts written by women for stage, screen, TV, radio & musicals. As of 1 Jan 2019, there are over 900 plays listed.

Artistic Directors, Producers, actors, and students can find information about exciting original plays in this extensive database. 

Contributions help us keep our database alive, and freely available to all women playwrights around the world.

Women playwrights and scriptwriters worldwide are invited to list their works free of charge. We encourage writers to register with ICWP as a member, but it's not required.


2022-2023 Officers

Tavi Juárez - President (New York, New York)

Jeanette Hill - Vice President (Austin, Texas)

Laura Pfizenmayer - Secretary (Gulf Shores, Alabama)

Mie Mie Thein - Treasurer (New York, New York)

2022-2023 Directors, in alphabetical order

Sarah Bewley (Gainesville, Florida)
Lisa Grunberger (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Midge Guerrera (Ewing, New Jersey / Pontelandolfo, Italy)
Rachel Rubin Ladutke (Nutley, New Jersey)
Rosemary McLaughlin (Maplewood, New Jersey)
Rachana Pandey (Varanasi, India)
Carey Seward (Fairbanks, Alaska)

Why Join ICWP?

"I am an emerging playwright. I joined ICWP five years ago as I wrote my first play while nursing and raising my two young children. I was, and continue to be, a lone writer, with only my dramatic associations to guide me. Important things I have learned, among other things on this site, are: how women playwrights are still vastly underrepresented in theater, how others submit, how plays are produced, submission etiquette, the distinction b/w a guild and a union, what my rights are as a writer, and most importantly, that a group of people dedicated to one purpose is an invaluable resource to a woman writing alone."

- Stephanie Rae

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The International Centre for Women Playwrights connects, inspires, and empowers women playwrights to achieve equity on the world stages.


ICWP Is a 501- c - 3 Non Profit  Organization, incorporated in the State of Ohio, USA

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