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Scenes from a Diverse World:

A Contemporary Collection of 73 Short Scenes About Diversity with Two or Three Characters; For Student Actors 

International Centre for Women Playwrights Karin Diann Williams

scenes from a diverse world play scene bookThe International Center for Women Playwrights has collected an eclectic group of scenes from the work of contemporary playwrights around the world. Our goal is to offer drama teachers and their students material that reflects the true diversity of the world we all inhabit. This volume was designed as an alternative to the many popular, mainstream scene study books available today.

Traditional publishing houses are often limited in the type of material they publish by the real -- or perceived -- lack of marketability of more "edgy" plays, plays that challenge contemporary social norms or tell the stories of under-represented cultural minorities.

Because young people from these under-represented communities may think of theatre as an "elite" or "privileged" art form, we wanted to show them characters they can relate to -- distinct voices with diverse ethnicities, minority gender identities and socio-economic viewpoints that are often marginalized. We hope these characters, and their stories, will make an indelible impact on students and teachers alike.

Scenes from a Diverse World includes the work of contemporary women playwrights from around the globe. Suzanne Bailie (US), Shirley Barrie (Canada), Lynne S. Brandon (US), Hindi Brooks (US), Emily Cicchini (US), Christina Cigala (US), Anita Chandwaney (US), Judy Chicurel (US), Natalya Churlyaeva (Russia), Cecilia Copeland (US), Trina Davies (Canada), Jessica DiGiacinto (US), Jennifer Farmer, Virginia Fleishans (US), Colette Freedman (US), Catherine Frid (US), Lea K. Galanter (US), Cheryl Games (US), Tara Goldstein (Canada), Evan Guilford-Blake (US), Molly Hagan (US), Meg Haley (US), G.L. (Geralyn) Horton (US), , R. Johns (Australia), Vivien Jones (Scotland), Inkeri Kilpinen (Finland), Shirley King (US), Jean Klein (US), Shareen Knight (Canada), Kerri Kochanski (US), Katherine Koller (Canada), Robin Rice Lichtig (US), Susan Lieberman (US), Joan Lipkin (US), Pam Calabrese MacLean (Canada), Jennifer Maisel (US), Felicity McCall (Ireland), Patrizia Monaco (Italy), Pat Montley (US), Joanna Alexandra Norland (UK), Masha Obolensky (US), Martha Patterson (US), Toni Press-Coffman (US), Aiste Ptakauske (Lithuania), Steven Schutzman (US), Helen Shay (UK), Faye Sholiton (US), Lojo Simon (US), Donna Spector (US), Annie Staniloff-Redling (US), D. Stirling (Scotland/Canada), Bara Swain (US), Lene Therese Teigen (Norway), Lucy Tyler (US), Vanda (US)


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