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My first memory of live theatre was Peter Pan in the round. When we had to save Tinker Bell, the house lights came up. I was no longer alone in the dark but part of a healing moment. At age five, I believed I saved Tinker Bell with collective applause. To this day, I'm compelled by the power of theatre to confer healing and agency on audiences.

I create political, feminist, queer new forms in order to find ways to transcend predictable, canonical structures that feel oppressive to me and others who are not dominant subjects in our current patriarchal world. I build from my own experience as a neuro-divergent, gender-dysphoric, trauma survivor w/chronic illness/invisible disability, a parent and citizen of the world. My theatre is one of provocative yet imaginative play through which life can become bearable.

I've documented human rights abuses; war/occupation; and write female experience as if it matters. My plays are rarely naturalistic but what I consider Real, inspired by visual artists and philosophers. I use myth (making new/deconstructing known), metaphor, and language/composition. I expect a strong collaborative approach.

I want theatre to change us, to be impactful, to leave us breathless and wanting to connect. I want a theatre of transformation where an audience can see what cannot be experienced in any other medium anywhere. With actors transforming live before our eyes, theatre provides more possibilities for us all.

Counting in Sha'ab, a play about a community in Iraq, is a podcast you can listen to here:

Abraham's Daughters, a mythic play about colonialization and identity, is a podcast you can listen to here:

Emma runs an online platform to provide support for women+ writers in any genre. It's called

Member: Honor Roll!, LPTW, ICWP and the Dramatists Guild. More info on NPX

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