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Ibadete Abazi-IBI is a screenplay /playwright, born in Kosovo (former Yugoslavia). She is a lawful permanent resident of the United States (Green Card holder) currently living in New York. She holds an MFA in playwriting and BA in dramaturgy from the Art Faculty at University of Pristina, Kosovo. Ibadete is co-founder of Honey and Blood Theater based in New York, with a proposes of bringing playwrights from Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo in New York. Together with her Husband Vinny Abazi, an actor and director they premiered in Producer's Club Theaters on 5th July the play called "An Albanian, a Serb and the Soldiers" The event was a huge success that brought in-front of American audience the last night of NATO bombing in ex Yugoslavia. She is a writer of television series called "Qyteti Pa Lumë" (City without a River) broadcast via Radio Television of Kosovo/RTK in 2010. Abazi's first play, entitled ‘Soldier of Two Wars’ was produced on December 2015 at Kosovo's Dodona Theatre. The play is considered a very powerful production, whose focus is an American soldier who served in Balkan conflicts - specifically the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo - and married a wealthy Albanian Kosovar. The play has been translated from the original Albanian into English and Turkish. Abazi has also authored two other plays entitled ‘Female Aroma’ and ‘Two Enemies and Soldiers’, both produced in Kosovo in 2016. Also credited to her are short plays such as “Push Off” “Kos-women-war” and “Three in one”. She is a screenwriter of "The Book of Blood" a future movie scenario, based on true story. Ibi is married and has two daughters.
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