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Louise (the "L" in "G.L.Horton")



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Louise (the "L" in "G.L.Horton")
GERALYN (G.L.) HORTON I've written and directed and acted in plays for longer than I care to recall-- mostly in church basements. After a working life that included jobs from acting teacher to waitress to museum guide to trolly operator to a decade as an adjunct college English/study skills Instructor, I'm now enjoying the US government’s main support for artists: Social Security retirement.
Useful nonprofit “jobs” have included being advisor to a UU church youth group and membership on the Worship Committee; various low-level political activities such as poll watching, demonstrating, feminist-protest-singing, letters-to-editors, petition circulating, and envelope stuffing; 25 plus years of board membership and programming for the Boston writers’ group Playwright’s Platform, about 10 years on the production committee for its annual Festival, and maintaining PP’s early web site-- which has improved a lot since I turned it over to somebody who is better at it than I am! For the International Centre for Women Playwrights I have womanned tables at Women Playwrights International conferences and helped to organize Boston’s Her-rah! ICWP mini conferences. I'm presently an ICWP VP.
My first full length play, in verse, was written when I was 14. While finishing college in Colorado I edited a literary/arts magazine, "Eye on the Denver Scene". From the late 1980s through 2003 I was a theatre reviewer for various low-profile (and usually unpaid) print and web publications, including In the early 90s Eliza Wyatt, Amy Merrill and I had our own new women's plays producing company in Boston, Unit II. My writing career high point may have been the summer of 1990, when my script set in a Boston abortion clinic, “Under Siege” (aka “Choices”) was picked for the Sundance Lab, and I rubbed shoulders with Robert Redford and the “emerging” Tony Kushner. Acting high points include an abundance of premieres. Besides the American premieres of Rona Munro's "Bold Girls", Marina Carr's "Portia Coughlan" Liz Lockhead's "Perfect Days", and Robin Soans’ “Talking To Terrorists”-- all at the SuganTheatre-- I’ve appeared in dozens-- perhaps hundreds-- of new plays written by colleagues stretching back to my college days, including an Edinburgh Fringe stint in "Martha Mitchell", a musical monologue about Watergate written especially for me by Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro in 1987. We’ve revived it and are touring it again: booking suggestions welcome!
Dozens of my play scripts-- most of them workshopped at Playwrights' Platform -- are posted on my web site at <>;, along with over 150 free monologues for actors. Through the Web, I’ve had productions in England, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, India, Uganda and South Africa; and in a bunch of high schools and colleges in the USA.

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