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A Trilogy: Truth Lies and Deception by Joanna Pickering

03 Aug 2021 8:56 AM | Anonymous

New Debut release on August 1st with Next Stage Press of three one act plays for women roles. From publisher:

“Finding a writer that can not only cross mediums, but also theatrical disciplines is a real treat. Such is the case of actor/writer Joanna Pickering. She’s crafted three plays that capture the essence of some of the dark side of show business. Challenging roles for women all wrapped in three engaging tales—- packed into one acting edition. Aug 1! Only from Next Stage Press!”

The Trilogy contains:

Cat and Mouse –  Marcus Meekus is a Hollywood movie director. Jade is bussing tables having just appeared in her first acting role — a tampon advert. When their paths cross, Jade thinks her life will change forever, but both are in for a shock. 

Sylvie and Sly – Sylvie and Sly tells the tale of an aging actress, who is in denial about her tragic reality, and decides to save a floundering career with the help of a devoted friend and social media. 

Beach Break – In Beach Break, two young female friends go away to a holiday resort to escape problems at home. It’s only a matter of time before something terrible happens. Something that will have dark and explosive repercussions.

"I had the great pleasure to direct the premiere zoom reading of Joanna’s play, Sylvie and Sly, and loved working with her and our cast. Joanna has a great voice, impeccable timing, and is a wonderful story teller. I loved all three plays, which cover a wide emotional range. I highly recommend these 3 plays to read, enjoy, use for auditions and scenes, and hope they will have numerous productions." Lorca Peress (Multistages)

Audience feedback:

“The overall arc of your plays with regards to human behavior was absolutely masterful”

"Women behaving as badly as men but with all the devastating consequences"

“Great social conscious work”

“The writing has fantastic moral ambiguity, the darkly comic interchanges power the stories, and the relationship forward”

"Your writing is fierce, complex, nuanced, deep and honestly human. Thank you for your willingness to be messy and real”

"You express the duality of people and human nature elegantly. You’re not afraid to work in the shadows."

Read more here:

Consider for production/licensing/female audition pieces or reading here:

Thank you so much!

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