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Quran and Wisdom of Hazrat Inayat Khan by Farzana Moon

19 Aug 2018 3:20 PM | Farzana Moon


This book is a journey into the spiritual realms of Islam and Sufism. Endowed with the gifts of music, spirituality and mysticism, Hazrat Inayat Khan guided by the poetry of the Quran and by the Grace of God came to America more than a century ago to unite East with the West in God Realization. His message still resonates fresh in this century twenty-one. The wealth of esoteric and exoteric knowledge in this book can serve as the contemporary books of Quran, Bible and Torah for the People of the Book. Love, peace and harmony is the only message in this exquisite journey into the valleys of truth from sharing to caring, to living to the fullness of one’s own divine-self within. May every reader discover the kernels of spirituality to the fulfilment of their own faith and fealty.

‘Many seek protection from all hurting influences by building some wall around themselves. But the canopy over the earth is so high that a wall cannot be built enough. The only thing one can do is to live in the midst of all inharmonious influences, to strengthen his willpower and to bear all things. Yet keeping the fineness of character and a nobleness of manner with an ever-living heart.’  Hazrat Inayat Khan

‘The need of the world today is not learning, but how to become considerate toward one another. To try and find out in what way happiness can be brought about. And in this way to realize that peace which is the longing of every soul and to impart it to others, thereby attaining our life’s goal, the sublimity of life.’  Hazrat Inayat Khan

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