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06 May 2016 9:21 PM | Shirley King

Shirley King's first play won a California Arts Council award. In the past three years her plays have been performed in the US, Korea, The UK, Canada and Scotland. In 2015 eighteen of her plays and monologues were selected for productions or readings. Four were published in 2015. Her play WHATEVER was performed January 11, 2016 by Lama Theater Company, NYC. Her play ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE and her monologue AUTHENTICITY were also performed February 8, 2016 by Lama Theater Company, NYC. FREEZE was performed by Readers Theatre of San Pedro 2-23-2016. TO TALK OR NOT TO TALK --THAT IS THE QUESTION was performed by Somerset College April 15, 16 2016. THE TEA PARTY was performed by The Oneness Project: RADD Fest 2016.

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