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The International Centre for Women Playwrights endorses the Dramatists Guild Statement on Submission Fees, as published in the 2008 Dramatists Guild Resource Directory. We stand with the Dramatists Guild in denouncing "the practice by festivals, play contests and educational events of charging excessive fees to dramatists who submit their work. Any request for submission fees should be accompanied by a complete explanation of how those fees are to be spent."

We join with the Guild in their assertion, "It is important that members understand that submission fees are not the norm and, when required, the festival should offer something significant in return for the writer's investment, such as a large cash prize, a residency or a production. Reading fees are in no case acceptable, as most festivals receive that money from other grant resources. In no case should playwrights have to pay to simply have their work read."

Finally, we join the Guild in disapproving festival encumbrances placed on work "as a result of the play being chosen a finalist or a participant. Any future participation in the life of the play must be earned by the festival by producing the work and should never be granted by the writer without consultation with the Guild."

Read the full Guild statement on submission fees here.

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