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About the CONNECT Email Discussion List

This area covers etiquette and behavior on the list.  For technical questions, see the List Q&A.

Main Features
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ON TOPIC discussions are in the English Language* and involve networking with other playwrights, directors, actors, academics scores of playwrights who've had many professional production successes sharing their experiences and expertise notification of contests, publication and production opportunities advice sought and given on a huge range of issues including:
  • writing techniques
  • contacting theatres
  • synopsis writing
  • script formatting
  • copyright
  • script submission
  • play development
  • screen writing
  • computer systems and software
Conversations spring up about:
  • current productions around the world
  • famous plays
  • festivals
  • new writing initiatives
  • retreats
  • playwriting courses
  • conferences
  • opinions about playwriting books
  • the lowdown on dubious practices of some theatres
  • production and publishing contracts
OFF TOPIC discussions are about everything that is of interest for a playwright.
The environment, philosophy, cultures, food, health, travel, etc. etc.  You can almost smell the coffee! and the chalkdust! and the greasepaint...(does anyone still use greasepaint?)

Messages can be received:
  • as they are processed (10-30 a day)
  • in a once-a-day Digest containing all the messages from the previous day's postings
  • in a Summary of topics where you can read about the subjects that interest you online
All List subscribers have access to the Archives: copies of all messages are stored in an Archive going back to 1994, when the first ICWP Discussion List was started by Diane Taber-Markiewicz, one of the founding Members of ICWP.  Once you join the list, you will receive additional information about how to manage and access the list.

There are messages about everything to do with life as a woman playwright from that first draft to the biggest professional production. Read about the successes, failures, rejections, acceptances, workshopping, rehearsing. It's all there: a virtual playwrights' university in cyberspace!

Other languages:
*NOTE:  If you would like to start and moderate a discussion List in a language other than English, we would be happy to host it!  Contact us for more information.

The CONNECT List Culture
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The CONNECT List is a little like a playwrights' cafe with its own sub-culture. It doesn't operate as "just" a resource tool, but as a community, a place to network, a place to boost and encourage each other. People discuss many aspects of their lives as playwrights, as women, as human beings and this helps to relieve some of the isolation playwrights, and women playwrights in particular, experience.
There are currently over 200 women playwrights from 10 countries subscribed to the List and we enjoy having new members join. There are also a few male subscribers. Men are welcome to join provided they support the objectives of the ICWP.
The List community is incredibly supportive and it sometimes seems like everyone knows everyone else, but mostly the friendships have grown through the internet as some people have been on the List for over 10 years. Some subscribers have met each other, at conferences, theatre events, or on holiday trips and travels.  It's fine to backchannel someone whom you make a strong connection with.
Expect the conversation to be about anything that is of interest to playwrights....for it is, after all, these things and more that provide the life its experience and the writer the story.

CONNECT List Etiquette
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(revised 5/13/2009)

ICWP does not condone or accept responsibility for views expressed via use of this List. Individual members are responsible for their own words.

Because of its technology, the CONNECT email List allows access to the email address of every subscriber. To be given access to the private email addresses of 300+ individuals is a privilege that must not be abused. Posting to this List is not an automatic signal that off-list emails to your private email address are welcome, unless you specifically request information from other List Members via the List.
The following List Etiquette describes the appropriate use of this List and penalties for its misuse.

List Etiquette -

1. The CONNECT List exists to create a professional, respectful and supportive space for ICWP members to discuss playwriting, scriptwriting, theatre and media arts.

2. Messages falling outside the scope of the topics above must be marked  OFF TOPIC or OT in the subject line of the message. Failure to adhere will result in being placed on moderated status for 30 days. Repeated violations will result in removal from the list.
If you have questions about the propriety of your posting, please check with the list moderator

2. Do not share posts from this list without the express permission of the individual whose message you wish to share. Reposting of information from this list, or an excerpt from a member's message without permission will result in being placed on moderated status for 30 days.

4. This list is not to be used to deliver messages from members who are on moderated status or third party sources, with the exception of public domain information of interest to playwrights, i.e., competitions, festivals, grants and employment opportunities, research, reviews, news. If you have a question about posting a third party message for any other reason, you must have approval from the moderator first. Failure to adhere will result in being placed on moderated status for 30 days. Repeated violations will result in being removed from the list.

5. This is a "no flame" zone. Simply put this means that if you write a message that is demeaning, abusive, or vulgar directed toward a member of the list by private email, or the list itself, you will be removed from the list. There is no tolerance for any abuse. If you think your message is questionable, then do not post it. If you are angry, do not post it. If it is a joke and it can be misconstrued, do not post it. Any questions, ask the list moderator. The list moderator shall be the final judge of what constitutes a demeaning, abusive, or vulgar message.  Contact moderator at

6. If you communicate with a list member off the list and a complaint is made against you, the review process is as follows: 1) the complaining member will forward the message - in its entirety to the list moderator. 2) both parties will placed on moderated status while the list moderator reviews the message and the complaint. 3) both parties will be given the opportunity to provide an explanation to the list moderator regarding the incident. The list moderator will then make a determination of whether or not the incident is off-list abuse and actions will be taken accordingly. 4) If the message is determined to be abusive the following rule applies: Off-list abuse of your fellow list members will not be tolerated. If you send a message to a list member that is abusive, demeaning, or vulgar - you will be put on moderated status and told to discontinue communication with that list member. If you persist, you will be removed from the list.

7. Any questions or concerns on the part of list members about the appropriateness of a topic for discussion shall be taken to the list Moderator off-list. No one but the List Moderator has the right to tell a list member that a topic is inappropriate, nor to tell a list member to cease a discussion. Any messages from a list member attempting to act in the stead of the List Moderator will end with that member being placed on moderation.

8. If a list member has been placed on moderation three times, the List Moderator reserves the right to remove the member from the list for the next infraction.

9. If you have any questions about how to use the List and change how
you receive mail, use the List Q&A  page for information, to see if
your question is answered there, before contacting the List  administrators
List Settings Information

10. Send Plain Text messages, not HTML, if possible.  If you're not sure how to set your email programme to send Plain Text  messages,  (Outlook, Netscape, Eudora etc.) look in the Help section of your email program.

a) Delete MOST of the original quoted text in messages when you REPLY.

b) Check to see how many people you are sending your reply to.

When you click "Reply " on a message it automatically send the reply back to the
original sender, not to the List.

To send a reply to the List only, you need to "Reply all" then...
copy and paste the "connect" from the CC box to the "To" box

If you "Reply All" to someone else's reply, to send your mesage to the List, then check to see how many other email addresses are listed in the CC box at the top of your email.

12. DIGEST USERS: please ensure any replies do not include
the entire text of the Digest.
Create a new email to and
copy/paste the text you wish to quote, into that email.

13. Put OPP: (for opportunity) at the beginning of the subject line,
Followed by "contest" or "production" or "funding" when forwarding info on

14. Congratulations messages should have CONGRATS added to
the front of the original subject line.

15. Change the subject line (if you change the subject in your message)
Make sure the subject line corresponds with the content of messages.
Especially relevant to DIGEST users.

16. Send no attachments
Attachments take up a lot of space in users inboxes and messages take
longer to download. Some users are on small email storage accounts or have
pay per minute/time-restricted internet access

17. DO NOT send virus warnings, chain or petition letters - send them to
List Administration.

18. Backchannel (to an individual's personal email address) messages
which your judgement tells you will be of interest to only one person.

19. Don't forward a message from this List to another List or individual
without the original sender's permission.

Thank-you for your co-operation.

Policies and Guidelines
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The following activities may subject you to removal:
  • Don't cross post from other Lists or news services without permission.
  • Don't post a message from another individual without permission.
  • Do not challenge or attack others. The discussions on the lists are meant to stimulate conversation not to create contention. Let others have their say, just as you may.
  • Do not post commercial messages. Contact people directly with products and services that you believe would help them. The cyberspace term for this is spamming.
  • All defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal materials are strictly prohibited.
  • Do not post anything in a listserve message that you would not want the world to see or that you would not want anyone to know came from you.
  • The anti-discrimination clause in our mission statement applies to messages on the List.

The List Moderator's Role
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If a member is violating guidelines regarding anger, flaming, or threats, or persisting in obviously inappropriate behavior, the list moderator will first backchannel that member with a warning.  If this action fails, the list moderator may put members on moderate status and/or ban them for inappropriate behavior at her discretion.

The list moderator is appointed by the ICWP Board of Directors, and can be replaced at the Board's will.  Complaints about a moderator's actions should be brought to the attention of the board.

To join the e-mail discussion, become a member.

Inspirational Quote:

“Theater is perhaps one of the few places left where we are in a dialogue right now. Everything has become so partisan, and the rhetoric has become so heated, that conversation is almost impossible.”

                             -- Paula Vogel

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