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Women Artists' Salon celebrates International Women's Day on March 8th

01 Mar 2014 10:09 AM | Anonymous

Saturday, March 8th signifies International Women's Day and the Women Artists' Salon is excited to confirm the continued development of the Salon sYmphoNY in an effort to unite and celebrate women artists from across the world and throughout time.

This year Heidi Russell, the founder of the Salon, is delighted to announce an inspiring collaboration with the International Committee of the League of Professional Theatre Woman, where I serve as Co-Chair, along with the Theatrelab space on 36th Street, owned and operated by fellow Salonista, Orietta Crispino.

The International Committee of The League of Professional Theater Women is thrilled to be partnering with Salon sYmphoNY, this year.  Salon sYmphoNY shall be presenting the “Womanspeak” Project, a collection of international female voices, evoking their sentiments pertaining to deep-rooted engagements in the shadowy abyss of the theatrical world.

Thus far, the Salon’s line-up consists of representing the following female voices, from various countries, who are well-deserving of international recognition: 
Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Canada, England, Germany, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Russia, St. Kitts & Nevis, Venezuela, and the United States.

This year Nicola Murphy of Ireland will be steering the event.  I will be honoring the exiled Russian Poetess, Marina Tsvetaeva, by presenting one of her most beloved poems. Marina Tsvetaeva was driven to her death by the brutal hands of the Soviet Secret Police, who had hounded her for her unorthodox poetry and sexuality.  

Heidi Russell’s mission is to establish Salon sYmphoNY as a United Nations for the Arts on International Women's Day! Naturally, I support her vision, and as Vice-President of the ICWP, cordially invite you to join us in this celebration.

To obtain further information regarding this event, including the exact time and venue, please contact, Heidi Russell:

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