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The International Women Playwrights Conference 2009 - Mumbai, India organised by Women Playwrights International

ICWP Members who attended the 8th International Women Playwrights Conference in Mumbai, India, sent in their reports and photographs.

Report by Lia Gladstone
Lia Gladstone lectures at the American University in Kabul, Afghanistan.
The day after I arrived, a few of us went to see Elephant Island full of caves with statuary and reliefs of Shiva ...a man asked if we’d like to be extras in a Bollywood flick: VEER  Read More...

Report by Meg Barker
Meg Barker is an ICWP Board member for International Development. She was travelling in India during the time of the conference and is travelling to other world destinations in 2010....Read More.

Report by Andrea Stolowitz
Her play KNOWING CAIRO, garnered interest by some of the India women in attendance, one of whom wants to translate the play into Marathi. Read More...

Report by Sherry Bokser
Novice playwright Sherry Bokser (USA) gives a detailed account. Read More...

The 9th International Women Playwrights Conference will be in Sweden in 2012

At the Mumbai Conference, a delegation from Sweden proposed that the WPI Conference be hosted by Sweden.


Birgitta Englin from the  Nadia Izzat, Rani Kasapi and Jenny Andreasson presented a compelling case at the conference in Mumbai for Sweden to host the next conference.  The Swedish delegation have strong ties with the Swedish National Theatre as well as many other theatre and performance groups in Sweden and abroad.

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 It was with overwhelming support and excitiment that the proposal was accepted and endorsed.


For further information about Södra theatern, part of the Riksteatern, The Swedish National Theatre go to:

International Women Playwrights conferences.

ICWP is dedicated to helping as many women playwrights as possible attend the tri-ennial conferences which are organised by Women Playwrights International and see such international events as stimulating international cross-cultural understanding.

Attendees of the conferences attest to life-changing encounters with a different culture. Playwrights from different countries watch and discuss readings of each other's plays, experience theatre of different forms and expand their horizons in ways that no other event could achieve.

We have a donation-based Professional Development Fund to give assistive travel grants to playwrights wishing to attend international conferences.

Please donate now to help as many women playwrights as possible attend the next conference in Sweden in 2012.

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