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  • 09 Oct 2010 7:00 PM | Christine Emmert

    A musical centred around the Great Depression and World War II as it was seen through the eyes of the Roosevelts and Lorena Hickock at the Stephen Crane House in Asbury Park, NJ October 8 at 7 and October 9 at 3.  This piece was co-authored by Christine Emmert and Marjorie Conn.  Information is available at


  • 07 Oct 2010 10:30 PM | Anonymous

    What happens when a Diva identifies too strongly with her favorite aria? Inspired by Offenbach's opera The Tales of Hoffmann and E.T.A. Hoffmann's iconic short story The Sandman, Deborah Magid's one act play-with-music answers that question 7th October in the 2010 Melbourne Fringe Festival, at The Butterfly Club.

    ATTN: Midwesterners.  There will be an open dress rehearsal on Monday, 27 September at the Brooks Theatre, Cleveland Play House, 7pm.  

  • 02 Oct 2010 8:00 PM | Anonymous

    Kent House Plantation Annual Cemetery Tour of Historical Mt. Olivet Chapel.

    "Uncle Jonas" Rosenthal


                                Written by: Terri L. Febuary                   Read by: Taylor Freet

    To be read in the Jewish Cemetery, Saturday October 2nd Pineville, Louisiana.

    The event will feature dramatic readings written about local historical figures who have been buried in the cemetery.

  • 03 Sep 2010 8:00 PM | Anonymous
    Co-production with Premiere Stages and Playwrights Theater of New Jersey, directed by John Pietrowski.  Starring Kim Zimmer, Warner Miller and Alexandra Rivera.  In partnership with Kean University's Human Rights Initiative at the Zella Frye Theater in Union, NJ.  For more information or call 908-737-SHOW
  • 28 Aug 2010 6:32 AM | Christine Emmert
    Christine Emmert's one-woman piece about women in the ironworking industry of the 1800s has been playing all winter at different venues in Pennsylvania.  Most currently it is being performed at Hibernia County Park on June 26th, at East Vincent Township Pavilion on Augst 28th, at Johanna Furnace on September 19th and at the German Historical Group in Green Lane PA on October 21st. 
  • 28 Aug 2010 12:00 AM | Deleted user
    Staged reading of new Melbourne play about gay marriage set mainly in the boutique where the wedding dresses are being made. La Mama Theatre, 205 Faraday St, Carlton (Melbourne, Aust) 2pm, 28th August. All tix $5
  • 12 Aug 2010 10:48 AM | Deleted user

    A new play by Susan Apker about love, loss and the folly of regret will premiere as part of the brand new Heller Theatre Short Play Festival in Tulsa, OK.

    Eight plays by local playwrights will be performed for this first production that will become an annual event.  Ms. Apker is the project director for "Heller Shorts" and the motivator behind its inception. 

    All plays were judged blindly by a panel of local theatre artists. 


  • 03 Aug 2010 4:52 PM | Deleted user
    Title of my book is "Jacquelyn Francis Darkest Moment"
    Paper back: 196 pages
    Publishers:   Enaz Publication (July 15, 2010)
    Language:   English
    ISBN-10:     1592322492
    ISBN-13:      978-1592322497

    You can find it in and
     This is the  amazon web link - (
     4980&sr=1-1)  by  Ada C. Cummings (Paperback  - July 15, 2010)


    A moving story that will keep you captivated... --Black Book News

    Product Description

    Jacquelyn Francis a young pretty girl who blissfully lived with her rich parents until fate struck adversely. Her father, a bank manager lost his job and all he had labored for all his life and was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment for misdirecting a huge sum of money into a wrong account, thus turning a poor graduate wood joiner into a millionaire who had an intelligent police detective on his trail. Fortune again sprouts its lovely head in front of Jacquelyn and a silent thrilling love which kept her in so much suspense engulfed her when Valentine Thomson, a middle age billionaire walked into her life, but it was a thorny road which teetered their love on the brink of breaking, and sent her few steps to the land of the dead. Just at the end of her darkest moment, came a shinning bright light of love which spreads its rays on the aisle of the church.

    About the Author

    A. C. Cummings, fondly called Ada Awurum by her peers was born in Abba, in Nwangele LGA of Imo State in Nigeria. She is a graduate of History and International Relations. She started writing as an undergraduate and became a member of the International Center for Women Playwrights (ICWP). She is married with three children.
  • 02 Aug 2010 7:00 PM | Anonymous
    Between 1868 and 1874, Édouard Manet painted Berthe Morisot more than a dozen times. Then she married his brother.

    THE CONSEQUENCE OF IMPRESSION (formerly THE DOPPELGANGER) garnered excellent response last November as a part of Cleveland Public Theatre's Little Box series of readings.  
    It has undergone rewrites that tightened and focused the characters, and will be read on Monday, August 2nd, 7pm at Dobama Theatre by Brian Pedaci (Édouard and Eugène Manet), Laurel Johnson (Berthe Morisot), Ursula Cataan* (Edma Morisot Pontillon), and Deborah Magid* (Mme Morisot).  Juliette Regnier directs.  JOIN US!

  • 23 Jul 2010 12:41 PM | Anonymous

    quARTet at the Buffalo Infringement Festival in Buffalo, NY

    Definition: Art the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way to affect the senses or emotions
    Definition: quARTet the process and product of four independent playwrights deliberately interlinking four shorts to explore the consequences of ART.

    Featuring Hurry Back, Pork Pie Hat, by Melody von Smith; Sold! by Donna Hoke; Global Warming, by Michael Fanelli; and Eye of the Beholder, by Gary Earl Ross.

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