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This page is for announcing upcoming Productions and public Readings of Members' works.

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  • 06 Jan 2021 11:01 AM | Christine Hsu

    A finalist for the 10-Minute Play Competition presented by the Negro Ensemble Company. Ellie and Arnold are drunken college students that make a mistake and need to figure out what to do next.

  • 27 Dec 2020 7:00 PM | Nancy Gall-Clayton

    Attic Productions in Fincastle, Virginia, has included my comedy Jessica's Day Off as one of three short plays in its second annual Christmas Playwriting Contest. With just 2 actors who are off-book and in costume, the play translates well to YouTube.  Though I indicated a time for the show, you can watch anytime by clicking on this link.  There is no fee.

  • 12 Dec 2020 12:51 PM | Judith Collins

    Uber Soup, Winter Holiday, and Of Poisoned Pens and Palates will be performed on line tonight at Act Your Page--6:30CST.

    12/12 New Works Night will be livecast at the following links.

       (Act Your Page on YouTube)

       Those want to be involved in the post-show conversation can join our Zoom link:

  • 05 Dec 2020 12:07 PM | Anonymous

    by Kathy Burkman

    can be seen online until Dec 15th

    The show has got some great feedback

    "I loved the "film," which was so masterfully put together and so much more enjoyable than the usual Zooming play. Congratulations to you, your son, and everyone involved! I especially enjoyed the song (and art museum) "Pretty Political, Pretty Pastels" and the penultimate scene with everyone singing. The acting was excellent, and the lead had the best timing and facial expressions, not to mention a beautiful voice. "


    "Thank you for a beautiful, magical show - wow. It really inspires me to believe in myself - my favorite part was probably when Calli is really coming into her own, singing that song about being the artist now herself - that she is worthy and a real artist!!!

    Purchase a ticket(s) for $15 on Eventbrite. You may watch from now until Dec. 15th.

  • 27 Nov 2020 7:00 PM | Donna Gordon

    "A HIDDEN BANQUET" by Donna Gordon will be read on zoom.  A series of plays using the prompt of Leftovers will be presented Friday night, Nov. 27th at 7:30 p.m. by Scripteasers of San Diego.  The play is Donna's interpretation of relevant passages from the novel "Jane Eyre". Find the link to Scripteasers of San Diego on Facebook.

  • 20 Nov 2020 1:09 AM | Tavi Juárez (Administrator)

    "The United States of Huevos"   by Tavi Juárez & Stephen Tsimpides has been accepted into the Fifth Avenue Theatre of New York Virtual Fall 2020 Play Festival! 

    Please find below a link to the Festival page with all of the play entries, as well as a link to a Youtube Reading of "The United States of Huevos." 

    Festival Page: 

    Youtube Reading:

    This festival is a play competition so each vote for my chicken play is greatly appreciated! To vote, simply text "The United States of Huevos" to +16318984205. 

    Play Synopsis:

    Six chickens decide whether or not to fly the coop after a member of their roost is violently carried away by a hawk. Is it safer out there or in here? Who can they trust? This ten-minute comedy is an allegory for Trump’s 2020 America. Who will survive?

    Cast & Credits:

    Tavi Juárez ("Karen")

    Stephen Tsimpides ("Big Red") 

    Cameron Moser ("Jim")

    Lindsey Bristol ("Karen")

    Shay Thomas ("Beto")

    Janelle Lawrence ("Elle")

  • 13 Nov 2020 8:00 PM | Patricia Milton (Administrator)


    A "zingy comedy" - Bay Area Reporter

    America’s Self-Help Sweetheart, MJ Powers, has built her brand on creating the ultimate guide to the perfect relationship. In real life, her lover Natalie is suing over the personal details in her latest book, her career is on the brink, and it looks like her “ultimate guide” is a jumbled roadmap. A brand new comedy of bad manners, The Law of Attraction explores just how miserable “perfect” really can be. 

    Oct 14-December 31, at the New Conservatory Theatre Center, San Francisco, CA

    Tickets and information

  • 11 Nov 2020 8:43 PM | Patricia Milton (Administrator)

    EXTENDED! Through December 31 at


    In the wake of a tragic and senseless act of gun violence, two women strive to connect despite their grief and guilt. Zayne is determined to learn if her colleague could have foreseen the shooting, or even prevented it. Hannah is fed up with clichéd calls for “thoughts and prayers.” She has a secret, daring plan to put an end to the violence once and for all. But will her idea work … or might it create collateral damage? Inside a culture that’s inundated with news of everyday shootings, two citizens struggle to understand their duties as bystanders.

    This is an audio play available for free/donation.

  • 04 Nov 2020 4:19 PM | Susan Decatur

    Susan Decatur's 10-minute play, Denise's Do-Over, was selected by The Drama Workshop for its "Home View Theater" and will be available for viewing on December 4th as an online filmed performance. Tickets are available for $5 and can be purchased at the following link: or by calling the box office at (513)598-8303. 

  • 07 Oct 2020 12:29 PM | Christine Emmert

    My play, A YEAR OF BLUE JAYS, is part of the BridgePHL fall theater festival.  This piece is presented with four other short pieces on October 22nd at 7 pm.  This year is BridgePHL is doing their productions as virtual. You need to go on their website to register, but the event itself is free.  My play us acted by myself and my husband , Richard.  It tells of a morning with a couple watching the birds  while trying to sort out their life. I hope some of you see it and enjoy it. Christine Emmert 

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