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  • 14 Jul 2019 2:34 PM | Farzana Moon


    American Queen

    This book delineates the true story of an American girl, Ora Ray Baker, who fell in love with an Indian mystic by the name of Hazrat Inayat Khan. They were married in London and settled in Paris. Their firstborn daughter Noor-un-Nissa, during WW11 became a British spy in Paris. She was captured by Gestapo and later killed in Concentration Camp in Germany. Their eldest son Vilayat Khan served in Royal British Navy, docked on the beaches of Normandy to deliver men, weapons and equipment to allied forces. He survived WW11 and now his son Pir Zia carries the Sufi legacy of his grandparents Ora Ray Baker and Hazrat Inayat Khan in Richmond Virginia, USA. Ora Ray Baker’s memories are still alive in Fazal Manzil in Suresnes, a suburb of Paris where she lived and died, her home, now a Sufi retreat. It also hosts memories of her husband and their children, especially of Noor-un-Nissa who was posthumously awarded highest medals, French Croix de Guerre presented by General Charles de Gaulle and British George Cross by King of England George V1. She is also enshrined in a movie, Spy Princess.

    Please post a review on Amazon if you kindly purchase the book. Greatly appreciated!


  • 08 Jul 2019 10:57 PM | Rachana Pandey

    I am happy to share that my book titled Body and Space in Performance: The Plays of Manjula Padmanabhan and Poile Sengupta is published. Kindly find the following details -   

    Body and Space in Performance: The Plays of Manjula Padmanabhan and Poile    Sengupta. New Delhi: ABS Books, 2019. pp. 156, ISBN: 978-93-87229-00-6.   Hardcover. $36, INR 645.    

  • 06 Jul 2019 3:08 PM | Ibi Abazi

    We are happy to inform that the world premiere of a theater play “An Albanian, A Serb and the Soldiers” was really successful event. We have Eight other performances on the dates below:

     July 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 at 8 PM.

    Venue: Producers Club Theaters, 358 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036 (between 8th and 9th Avenue). The venue has a bar/lounge.

    “An Albanian, A Serb and the Soldiers” written by Ibadete Abazi - IBI, is a full-length (60-minute) drama, with six characters. It explores deep conflict, and a dynamic story based in reality about those opposing the wars in former Yugoslavia and the political games of swapping territories … and more.

    The year is 1999, the time, the last night of the NATO bombing campaign of the Serbian Army in Kosovo. In a cellar in downtown Pristina, two hungry and frightened men, journalists from opposing sides, await their fates. As NATO fighter planes scream overhead and drop bombs, two opposing fighting forces in the darkened city struggle to win their objectives – independence for the breakaway province of Kosovo, or maintaining the dominance of the old Yugoslav Serbian political order. An Albanian journalist and a Serbian journalist, hiding from the fighting, must either decide to coexist peacefully together, or their fate will be to die together. Soldiers do their job.

    Honey and Blood Theater is a name which evokes dual and competing images of Balkan Europe, a region historically filled with both beauty - the honey, and violence - the blood.

    Produced and directed by Vinny Abazi.

    Cast features Vinny Abazi, Albanian-born American actor, director, and producer; Croatian actor Ivica Marc, and introducing to the U.S. stage three new talented performers, Serbian-born actor Ivan Kirincic, Albanian-born Julian Gjaci, and Montenegro- born American actor Izzy Durakovic. The actors are from the five countries which are part of this ongoing territorial drama: Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, and Kosovo. The play is translated by Alexandra Channer along with the consultations of Greg Kay and Janet Wasserman.

  • 30 Jun 2019 2:06 PM | Suzanne d'Corsey

    Including the theatre monologue 'Lucy' published in Singular Voices: Monologues from the International Centre for Women Playwrights, July 2008, the rest of the collection is composed of short stories previously published in literary journals.

    Released 19 June, 2019

  • 20 Jun 2019 6:39 PM | Deleted user

    I'm thrilled to have published my memoir and creative guide, My Beautiful Detour: An Unthinkable Journey from Gutless to Grateful. 

    "My Beautiful Detour: An Unthinkable Journey from Gutless to Grateful" Barnes & Noble Book Launch July 11th

    and New York Book Launch after the performances of my original musica: PASSAGEWAYS : Songs of Connection, Abnormal & Sublime HERE Arts Center August 6, 7, 8th

    Book available everywhere this month!

    ISBN: 9781733138802

    “Amy’s extraordinary life and work reveal the power of art to transform. Her survival journey is more than inspiring; it is a celebration. Against all odds, Amy finds – and creates – the magical out of the impossible.” — Writer/actress Amanda Gronich, The Laramie Project

    “Thank you, Amy, for this book and teaching us all that when we live in and from gratitude for EVERYTHING life hands us, ANYTHING is possible.” — David Friedman, Broadway Composer, author of The Thought Exchange

    See more updates at

  • 20 Jun 2019 3:41 PM | Anonymous

    My memoir, Hummingbird in Underworld: Teaching in a Men's Prison, will be published on July 23, 2019 by She Writes Press!

    "With open-mindedness and empathy, Tobola explores how systemic issues play out in individuals' lives as they grasp for light in the darkness."--Booklist

    More info here:

  • 20 Jun 2019 2:51 PM | Jennifer O'Grady

    Jennifer O'Grady's "Pre-War" was recently published in Stage It 3: Twenty Ten-Minute Plays (Bonita Springs Center for the Arts).

  • 20 Jun 2019 2:47 PM | Jennifer O'Grady

    Jennifer O'Grady's "Persephone" was selected for 30 New Ten-Minute Plays  due out this year from Applause Theater & Cinema Books. 

  • 10 Apr 2019 6:25 AM | Antonia Brancati

    Dino Audino editore is about to publish a collection of Italian monologues for women, among which there will also be Antonia Brancati's monologue "Col sesso ho chiuso" - "I'm Off Sex for Good" - which is often used for auditions in Italy. The monologue is an extract from the one woman show "Cose che contano e cose che non contano" - "Things that Matter and Things that Don't".

  • 07 Apr 2019 1:33 AM | Rachana Pandey

    2019. “In Conversation with Gautam Chatterjee on Banaras and Theatre.” Muse India 83 (Jan- Feb 2019). Web. (ISSN No. 0975 - 1815) Available at:  

     2018. (Interview) “In Conversation with Manjula Padmanabhan.” Muse India: The Literary eJournal Special Issue: Indian Feminism 78 (Mar-Apr 2018). Web. 28 April 2018.     

    2017. “Men in Theatrical Performance.” Muse India 72 (Mar-Apr 2017) Web. 10 Apr. 2017. Available at:         

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